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Student activities

At LUC there are many student clubs you can join; e.g. film, photo, outdoor sports, longboard, music, basketball, hockey, volleyball, gaming, ski & snowboard, dancing, student choir and the student newspaper (ProfHiL) and radio. Joining student groups can offer discounts and is also a good way to make Norwegian friends.


The Outdoor Group

The Outdoor Group is for those who like to be outside, whether it’s playing in the snow, climbing up cliffs or leave their signature on snowy mountain slopes. The Outdoor Group engage in diversified activities throughout the year. By being a member of The Outdoor Group, you get the oppotunity to get to know like-minded people across studies, get amazing nature experiences and greate memories!

The Outdoor Group also offers climbing every Thuesday at 19:00 at Tyrili. By joining the Outdoor Group, you also automatically become a member of uphil, which is for climbing enthusiasts.

For more information:

Facebook: Friluftsgruppa på HiL


Culture- and Society Committee in Lillehammer

Culture- and Society Committee in Lillehammer is a student organization that belongs to Lillehammer College University. The organization was founded in 2011 by students at the Culturel Project study and works to create events that are open for students and residents of Lillehammer.

The Culture- and Social Committee’s events are lectures and debates about art, culture and society, where the speakers have expertise. For those who want to join the organization we offer the possibility of taking part in the planning of the program through meetings, social events for members and other responsibilities within the organization.

Contact us:


Facebook: Kultur- og Samfunnsutvalget i Lillehammer


Lillehammer Film Club

Lillehammer Film Club is an active environment for movie lovers and cinéaste of all kinds. We bring forth a life-strong film culture in Lillehammer and maintains good contact with major institutions around the contry. Previous events ranging from guest appearances by the filmmakers Joackim Trier and Even Benestad, screenings, quizzes, special views of episodes of Buffy the Campire Slayer to theme nights on Japanese anime.

For more information:

Facebook: Lillehammer Filmklubb




LilleRadio is the student radio of Lillehammer. We’re the greatest and best student radio located between Trondheim and Oslo. If you don’t count Gjøvik, that is.

As an international student you’re more than welcome here, as we’re always interested in having more international shows for the English speaking audience. Whether you’re interested in being a radio host, love music, want to be a reporter or a button-mashing technician, we’re always looking for people to join us. The most important thing is that you’re eager and motivated to help us produce radio shows.

With our own radio studio at the ground floor of the school and the student bar Student’n as our closest neighbour you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

If you’re intrested in joining please email us at

Membership fee 50 NOK

More information:

Lilleradio on Facebook

Listen to us 


Do you want to create a student paper for your fellow students? Do you have a burning commitment to writing, photography or magazine layout? Join us!

For more information:


Facebook: ProfHiL



SkHiLåmi is a student group at Lillehammer who focuses on facilitating skiing and snowboarding for the students, in addition to surfing outside the winter season.

SkHiLåmi focuse to create a social space for like-minded people who likes skiing, boarding and surfing, and that people should have the opportunity to practice this in a pleasant environment.

For more information:

Facebook: Skhilåmi


The Game Community

The Game Community is a student group for students who are interested in and curious of different types of games – everything from PC and console games to board games and card games. The groups purpose is to have a good time with other students and to get new experiences and challenges through games.

Upcoming events for members and for students in general will be announced on our Facebook page: Spillsamfunnet HiL

For more information:



Start HiL is a student organization who works to increase interest in creativity and innovation at school. We provide students with the knowledge and motivation to create their own workplace, either today or in the future.

For more informaition:


Facebook: Start HiL



UKA is a student festival held in March.  UKA contains a wide range of activities and exciting experiences. Among things you can paricipate in is things likecool concerts, skiing, wine tasting, competitions and follow UKA-TV’s broadcasting throughout the festival.

As a student you can either be working with the festival as a volunteer or just enjoy the festival’s many exciting events.

For more information:

Facebook: UKA i Lillehammer


Lillehammer College Sports

Lillehammer College Sports is HiLs official student sports club. What distinguishes LSI from classic sports is that we mainly do not train to become the best, but for having fun. Lillehammer College Sports’ vision is to provide low-threshold activities within the sports the students wants. At LSI, all the members themself helps to shape the training and decides how they should be performed. This makes the trainings more interesting and suitable for everyone.

For more information:

Facebook: Lillehammer Studentidrett (LSI)



BikeHiL is a student group for those interested in cycling. BikeHiL wants to include all kinds of bikers from freerider bikers and downhill bikers to those biking to and from school, both those with and without experience.

BikeHiL wants to include as many as possible on various ”Bike events” like a trip to Skurva (a pump track), downhill at Hafjell and trail biking in the mountains. There is a lot that can be done on a bike, and BikeHiL will show you the possibilities.

For more information:

Facebook: Bikehil



Dance@HiL is a studentgroup at HiL that offers dance classes with choregraphers – provisionaly in the genres hiphop and modern. 

Facebook: Dance@HIL


Green Students

Green Students is a national association present at various Colleges and Universities throughout Norway. Green Students is a group for those who feel attached to the global green movement, and will be a forum for political expression for environmental minded people. The group arrange gatherings and meetings to improve the knowledge of and interest for themes as environment, food, Fairtrade, waste disposal and Green Innocation.

Facebook: Grønne studenter Lillehammer


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